{Follow along in a little project/challenge Dan and I have against one another. Every week we choose a word at random from a very, very long list of words we made. Each of us have to create our own photographic interpretation of that word…then we see whose is best! Links below to the other words we have already shot!}

Well, some weeks are shrouded in mystery as to who took each shot… some weeks are a bit more obvious. I think at this point, you might recognize that when I am in a pinch… and the week is ending without a shot in sight, I resort to using my cutest “subject”. And, I am pretty sure Dan’s photo is a subtle hint that he is need of a bottle of fine scotch.

Anyhow, here we have this weeks word: Bottle!

{52 Words} Bottle{52 Words} Bottle


Next Weeks Word: Warm

See previous weeks words here: [Planes] [Sunburst] [Automobile] [Mist] [Coffee][Night][Letters][Hairy] [Lace] [Heavenly] [Food] [Salty] [Portrait] [High Key] [Black and White] [Drinking] [Animals] [Advertising] [Candid] [Sleep][Run][Kids][Dark] [Toys] [Silhouette] [Exit] [Circles] [Bottle] [Warm]



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