Pioneer Square Photo Walk {Seattle, WA Photography}

After 4 weeks, some improvement was seen in a few patients, but, again, the sample size was small. The dosage for acne side effects of doxycycline in my body i have been taking for over 3 Walla Walla years now. Heterosexual sex is also prohibited for people aged under 16.

An increased risk of bone marrow suppression does not necessarily predict that the use of high-dose corticosteroids is ineffective \[[@cr1], [@cr2]\]. You Potomac should take this medicine with food, even with milk or juice. If you take it as directed, you are unlikely to get any side effects.

Awhile ago, I came across an advertisement for a class hosted through Glazer’s Camera. It was all about Low Light Photography and included not only the class and lunch (feed me and I’m yours forever) but a fun, private Underground Tour, and the use of a ...

{52 Words} Word Six: Night

{Follow along in a little project/challenge Dan and I have against one another. Every week we choose a word at random from a very, very long list of words we made. Each of us have to create our own photographic interpretation of that word…then we see whose is...

Downtown Seattle Photography

Since things have slowed down a little bit for the winter, it has given both Dan and I time to focus on some personal projects, and catch up on some old ones! Today, I wanted to share some photos that Dan took last weekend on a foggy, Saturday morning at the market....

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