Why “Rusted Van” Photography?

Dan previously owned two old, rusted VW vans.  We don’t currently own any vans (insert sad face here), but the name stuck. Someday we would love to own an old, rusted (or not rusted) van or truck… but in the meantime we love to look at old cars, vans and trucks at car shows and dream of  “someday”.

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What methods of payment are accepted?

We accept cash, major credit cards, or checks made out to “Rusted Van Photography”. A deposit is required in order to reserve your session date, with final payment due at the time of your session.  We try to keep things easy, and often that means secure, online payments and payment plans upon booking a session!


What about bad weather?

It’s true. Here in the Pacific Northwest, it rains…a lot. With this in mind, we are up for it if you are! We have a variety of new and vintage umbrellas, and we also love to use colorful umbrellas rented from “Bella Umbrella” (additional rental fees will apply). But if it’s really pouring/freezing/snowing/Armageddon-ing, then we can reschedule. We watch the weather quite closely and will be in touch with you if things are looking particularly bad.


Do you have mini sessions?

Yes! We try to host a couple mini sessions a year, including a “holiday” mini perfectly timed for your holiday card needs! These mini sessions are much more stylized than our standard portrait sessions, but a whole lot of fun! They are great way to get a “taste” of the Rusted Van Photography experience. 

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