We have already had the great privilege of photographing the two youngest Ogata cuties during our Spring Mini Sessions last year, so we were so excited to be asked to photograph the entire family while their older sister was visiting from Arizona! To add to the fun, they happen to live very, very close to Seward Park –  a place we have long discussed being a great spot to take photos at someday! We were so excited to have both a fun family and a beautiful spot for this session!

Afterwards Leanne and Kerry gave us some really awesome suggestions for a spot to go out for dinner in Georgetown. Have you explored Georgetown? Neither of us had been there in quite a long time…and it is AMAZING! So much life and beautiful, urban architecture! We ended up at a spot called “Brass Tacks“. BIG, HUGE recommendation here… loved it and cannot WAIT TO GO BACK!  What was even funnier was when were left we walked passed a bar they had also recommended…and guess who was sitting inside? Yup…Kerry and Leanne! Apparently they had the same idea as us 🙂

But, back to the photography… someday we would love to get the right couple/senior/family out to Georgetown for a fantastically urban session. You up for it?

Thank you SO much to the Ogata family for both the fun-filled session in one of our beautiful Seattle parks…and for the restaurant recommendation!

Seattle Family Photography by Rusted Van Photography


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