{Thank you for checking in on our “Letters to my Children” blog circle! If you are here visiting from Beth’s blog, welcome! This is a personal project and a way to share my thoughts with my own children.  I will be updating this blog with a letter to one or both of my children monthly. Along with me are some other lovely ladies who are taking on the same project, check out Casey’s letter to her daughter!}

Well, I missed a monthly letter to my children in the busy-ness of our summer break! But, I am picking it back up in September…with a two-fer to make up for the missing August letter!

Dear Quincy,

We are two weeks into the new school year, and trying to get back into the routine of school, homework and a reasonable bedtime schedule! It’s been painful for us both I’m afraid. Now that you are in the third grade, I have given you some extra responsibilities. This always means there is a little battle between embracing, and rebelling against this new independence.  I have asked that you start packing your own lunch (with some occasional assistance). This morning you packed a turkey sandwich and a pepperoni stick.  I asked that you balance the lunch a little better…so you added a cheese stick. After a little more prodding, you added a fruit cup too. OK, I’ll take it…not exactly what I would have packed, but I guess that’s the point. We have also bumped heads about your school wardrobe. Honestly, I bit my tongue when you wore red sweatpants and a red shirt…but we came to blows when I refused to allow you to wear the dirty clothes you picked up off the bedroom floor.  I’m sure we’ll figure it all out. You and are both a but stubborn, but we can typically work things out (even if a few tears fall for both of us).

I really can’t believe you are already in the third grade. I personally have such vivid recollections of being your age. When I was in the third grade we moved across town and I had to switch schools mid-year. When I was in the third grade I broke my arm, and remember having the cast removed on my 9th birthday. When I was in the third grade, I had an awful perm…and the school photos to show for it. When I was in the third grade, my little brother Richmond was born.  When I was in the third grade I received a sweater with a reindeer on it for my birthday and I am pretty sure I wore it EVERY DAY for a year….well after it was “seasonally appropriate”. I realize that you are busy creating these same lasting memories for yourself. Things you will remember 30 years from now, just like I do. What little details from life will you think back on? I hope they are happy ones…and not the times we argued about wearing dirty clothes to school. Will you remember your teacher’s name and how you taught him some of your dance moves in class? Will you remember walking through the neighborhood to go play with your best friend? Will you remember how much you loved watching “Minecraft” videos on You Tube? Will you remember spending hours playing with your cousins on Aunt Jerrie’s Farm? Will you remember how fond you were of tearing apart the couch to build a “fort”,  much to my dismay?

Will you remember how tightly I squeezed you and said “I love you” before sending you to the bus stop, even if I had to shout earlier that morning?

I hope so. Now get out there, and make some more awesome childhood memories, OK?

Just…don’t wear dirty clothes to school. Please?

Love you always,


Rusted Van Photography

Dear Maisie,

Oh my little two year old spitfire. Do other two year olds talk as much as you? I don’t think so. You always have SO much to say, and I knew a year ago that you would be this way…but the reality of it is still a little surprising, and entertaining to us all!

You are currently OBSESSED with Thomas the Train. Ever since he “visited” Snoqualmie and we watched him pulling out local train, you have been crazy for all things Thomas….and Percy…and James….and Gordon…and all the others. You can manage to carry 4 or 5 toy engines at any point, and often sleep with at least 2 of them. The most amusing development has been your renaming yourself because of it. We often call to you, “Maisie Jane!”, but then you started to call yourself “Maisie James”. Then it morphed into “Maisie Jame”, and usually immediately followed by calling yourself “Maisie Thomas”.  You are quite social, and not too shy. Yesterday while grocery shopping, you saw another little boy in a cart ahead of us. You yelled “Hey Boy! Hey Boy! I Maisie Jame. Maisie Thomas”.  Yup. Yet, without fail, for some reason you cry and act shy for EVERY bagger at the checkout stands?!

I love that you are so friendly, and funny and smart!

Love you till the end of time,


Rusted Van Photography


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