{Thank you for checking in on our “Letters to my Children” blog circle! If you are here visiting from Miss Freddy’s blog, welcome! This is a personal project and a way to share my thoughts with my own children.  I will be updating this blog with a letter to one or both of my children monthly. Along with me are several other lovely ladies who are taking on the same project, check out Clare’s letter and beautiful snow photos here!}

Letters to my Children {by Rusted Van Photography}

Dear Maisie,

You are 19 months old now, and we are fully emerged in the “toddler” years! Of course, this means that at times we encounter somewhat unpleasant situations and even the occasional (or….frequent) temper tantrums. You have your own unique personality, just like the rest of us, and sometimes these characteristics manifest themselves in less than amusing ways.  While these can sometimes be challenging to deal with today, I know that these traits are also going to be treasured as you grow up and become a woman. So, my darling, here are some aspects of your current toddler personality that I hope you never, ever lose:

You are fearless. Right now, that means you are trying to climb to the top of your brothers bunk bed, or precociously climb in and out of our big soaker tub, and approach strange “doggies” who may or may not be as happy to meet you. Honestly, sometimes I don’t know how I have managed to keep you alive this long. But being fearless is an amazing thing! Most people would agree that it has been their fear that has held them back from doing the things they really wanted to do in life. What a shame to be afraid of taking those risks! Be fearless!

You are decisive. You know exactly what you want and what you don’t want. Unfortunately for the both of us, we don’t always see eye to eye on these matters and sometimes I just can’t figure out what it is that you want or don’t want! Oh, how I wish I could be as decisive. I am the type of person who immediately second guesses my order at a restaurant! I often wonder what my life might be like had I known beyond a shadow of a doubt what I wanted. It seems that most people who are confident and successful know exactly what they want and work towards getting it. Don’t overanalyze your choices. Follow your gut, it’s rarely wrong.  Be decisive!

You are self-assured. You could care less about what others may think. If you want to run around and shriek in the library, well, by golly, you’re gonna do it! If you want to throw crayons at the restaurant, no amount of glares will deter you. If you want to wear three pairs of pajamas all at once, then you will and you won’t care what the fashion-police may say about it. What a carefree feeling! How often have I stopped in my tracks because of my fear of judgment. Obviously, I will always encourage you to be kind and considerate of others feelings, but beyond that, do what feels right for you. Be self-assured!

You are curious.  You love to explore, and are gaining more and more independence every day. You want to run down the middle of the road and walk without holding my hand. You want to jump in puddles that are as deep as your knees. You want to throw rocks into the river, over and over and over again. The world has so many amazing things awaiting you! Don’t ever stop exploring, both near and far. Use that independence and curiosity to see what is out there. I promise, you will never regret going someplace new or trying something you’ve never tried before. Be curious!

You are loving. While I am trying to make dinner you are usually clinging to my leg, crying and pleading to be picked up and snuggled. When daddy gets home your eyes light up and you stand dangerously close to the door waiting for it to open (right into you!). When your brother starts getting into mischief, you are right by his side ready to join in the fun!  What a tremendous amount of love you have to share, and you are always ready to give us a kiss and a hug. These loving family connections will always be strong and special and I hope our love for one another is always so remarkable. Be loving!

You are happy.  Oh delight! I saved the best for last. Your happiness is palpable. You are silly and laugh often. You find joy in the simplest of things: bubbles, Mickey Mouse, tickles, puddles, walks around the block, strawberries, saying “Bye” to Quincy as he leaves for school, and your pride at completing the simplest of tasks, “I did it!” is a recently learned phrase of yours exclaimed with great excitement! Oh my sweet girl, this life will present to you so many challenges and so much hardship. As much as I wish I could protect you from those trials, I cannot, and truthfully it is those trials that will help you to grow into a strong and admirable woman. But, please never forget that it is your ability to find inner joy that will get you through those hard times. Nobody expects you to be happy and joyful 100% of the time, but with an optimistic outlook and sense of gratitude, you will always have the foundation needed to be a “happy” person. When all is said and done, I don’t care what you choose to do in this life as long as you are happy. So, my sweet pea,  Be Happy!

I love you beyond measure,



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