In the age of social media, texting and email, I love when I begin receiving Christmas Cards in the mail! There is something so wonderful about finding a card amongst the bills and junk mail! I love seeing how my far away friends families have grown and of course, I love seeing a favorite “Rusted Van Photography” photo grace the front of an annual Christmas card! Some might consider it hoarding, but I can never bear to just toss them out with the tinsel and dried up Christmas Tree. I cherish those cards and love looking back on the ones from years passed.

But what do you do with your cards when the season is over? I found little binder rings at my local craft/scrapbook store and came up with a perfect solution to organizing all of my Christmas Cards! All I do is punch a little hole in the corner of each card and keep them all together with the binder ring, tucked away with my Christmas books, so I can look back through the previous years cards and photos! I think this year I will even add some pretty ribbons to the rings and fancy it up just a little bit.

Do you keep your cards? What do you do with them? I would love to hear your ideas too!!What to do with those Christmas Cards? {by Rusted Van Photography}


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