Winter Mantel Decor Idea Using Your Photos

Winter Mantel Decor Idea Using Your Photos

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Once all the holiday decorations come down, my house feels so sad and plain. The urge to re-docrate kicks in for me in January, and I feel inclined to want to dress up the place again, especially the mantel. Formerly a beacon of holiday cheer, but now just back to a...

2014 Keepsake Ornaments

I had promised a special “gift” from Rusted Van Photography to those families who signed up for Christmas Mini Sessions by a specific date….but then, I got all sentimental and ended up getting one for ALL of the families who participated in our...

It’s Christmas Card Season!

In the age of social media, texting and email, I love when I begin receiving Christmas Cards in the mail! There is something so wonderful about finding a card amongst the bills and junk mail! I love seeing how my far away friends families have grown and of course, I...

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