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Your Session

What to Expect of Your Session

It is our goal to make you comfortable throughout your entire interaction with us, and that means keeping things simple! Below we have outlined what a typical experience with us looks like from start to finish! Please let us know if you have any questions at all!

Before Your Session

  • A contract and model release will be sent to you via email for review and signature. These forms are automated from our website, so once you sign and submit them you are done! They will automatically be emailed to us once you click “submit”.
  • Cicely will call you 1-2 weeks prior to your session for a preliminary consultation lasting approximately 10-30 minutes. During this time, we will determine a location and time that best fits what you are looking for.
  • Prepare and consider what outfits you will wear! There are endless resources to help you with this! Read our blog posts for suggestions and check out our Pinterest board for additional ideas and tips!


During Your Session

  • Make it FUN! Hype it up with the family and get them excited about it. Make an afternoon/evening adventure out of it. If all else fails bribery can work wonders too!
  • Make sure everyone is fed and well-napped prior to your session. Hungry and tired kiddos (or parents) are much more difficult to get in the mood to have their photos taken.
  • Bring  “lovies” that might help the little one feel more comfortable (and be aware that they may make an appearance in your family photographs!).
  • Consider bringing back-up outfits and wipes or rags just in case an accident happens!
  • Don’t stress out about the kids’ not “posing”! We want to capture your family at its most natural and your kids at their most joyful! Mom and Dad angrily yelling for the kids to smile and look at the camera rarely results in a cherished family photo that brings warm, fuzzy feelings…and sometimes it results in tears and sadness! We have some tricks for coaxing out those giggles, so let us do our magic! And we promise, it may feel like total chaos (with young kids, it usually does), but we will get the shot!
  • Final payment will be collected at the end of your session. We accept cash, all major credit cards, and checks made out to “Rusted Van Photography.”


After Your Session

  • Relax!  You’re all done!
  • It typically takes approximately 3 weeks for us to complete the processing of your photos, but we always try to get a “sneak peek” up on our Facebook page within a few days of your session. We know how ANXIOUS clients are to see all their hard work pay off!
  • Photos will be mailed to you on a USB, as well as available through download on a password-protected viewing gallery.
  • If you have selected a package that includes products, these will be sent as soon as your selections have been made! We request that you make these selections within one month of receiving the images from your session.
  • Otherwise, go frame and hang those lovely photographs! It would be a shame to leave them sitting on the USB, wouldn’t it?  Professional print lab products can be purchased through your online gallery. Another print lab that offers great quality prints is www.mpix.comHere is a great website that compares some of these various printers.  Need ideas for fun ways to display those photographs? Check out our Pinterest board for ideas!
  • Ahem, tell a friend! We love referrals, ’nuff said.


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