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Wandering Through Washington {Roslyn, WA}

If you are following along, this our 5th “Wandering through Washington” small-town visit- and I am pretty sure this one was my favorite. Not exactly because I think that the photos I took are super great, but just because I have always loved Roslyn and I enjoyed our “walk” so thoroughly!Wandering Through WashingtonRoslyn is situated just on the other side of Snoqualmie Pass, about 80 miles east of Seattle. It definitely fits our “small town” requirements… but is SO full of personality and quirky charm. I feel like these photos hardly do it the justice it deserves!Wandering Through Washington We happened to be doing our photo walk on Memorial Day weekend, which was fitting considering Roslyn has one of the most fascinating cemeteries I have ever been to.  We stopped and paid our respects to the area reserved for veterans.Wandering Through WashingtonAfter exploring the cemetery, we headed into town. The historic saloon, The Brick, was calling our name. We cozied up to the bar and enjoyed a crisp, cold cider. Super yummy!Wandering Through WashingtonIf you aren’t familiar, Roslyn happens to be the setting for the fictitious town of  “Cicely, Alaska”  from the early 90′s TV show, Northern Exposure.  There are still lots of little nods to this fun little fact, but of course… my favorite part is seeing things that actually have my name on them!? You know, the ol’ childhood “they never have a mini license plate with my name on it” tale…. So, I always have to pop into Cicely’s Gift Shop whenever I am in Roslyn.Wandering Through WashingtonWe stopped in lots of shops, found a few little treasures here and there… and made sure to get some candy for the kiddos as a souvenir.  We had the most delicious lunch at Basecamp Books and Bites. We both ate a HUGE serving of avocado toast that makes my mouth water just thinking about… but I am no food photographer, and that is clear. So, you will just have to go order one for yourself.  My normal “go-to”  when in Roslyn is Village Pizza, but we could only eat so much… next time, I suppose. They even have a pizza named Cicely!!! I mean, how perfect is that?Wandering Through WashingtonWandering Through WashingtonHave you been to Roslyn, WA? It is high up on my recommended places to visit! Definitely worth checking out!

Now, CLICK HERE to go and see how Kellie saw and photographed Roslyn! I can’t wait to see what she did!

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