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Welcome to Rusted Van Photography!

We are Dan and Cicely Williams, a husband and wife photography team located in the beautiful Snoqualmie Valley. A passion to document the world around us drives our love for photography, providing us the “super-power” to freeze time and give the observer an opportunity to relive that moment over and over again. Besides photography, we love to explore antique stores, go on a long road trip or just have a  mellow “date” on the couch watching TV.  We are firm believers in supporting local businesses. With this in mind, we save up our spare change all year long to spend on Record Store Day, a day in April designated to support local, independently owned record stores and practically a holiday in our house! As you might have guessed, music is also important to us and we only listen to one radio station, KEXP, a “listener powered” public station of which we are proud donors!

“All About Dan,” according to Cicely:Dan_buttons

Very shortly after we started dating back in 2000, Dan showed me his photography portfolio and I was immediately impressed with his unique perspective and beautiful work. Since then, I have cherished the loving way he has captured our lives through the lens.  Dan is always quietly observing, a trait that heavily influences his work (until you start talking sports). Dan is a lifelong Mariners fan and sometimes rattles off stats and “baseball” trivia as though I can understand what he is talking about! Although he won’t turn down ice cream, his preferred dessert is a bowl of frozen blueberries, and every year for Christmas he asks for his own “Sherpa,” which has yet to be delivered, thank goodness.

Dan is the principal photographer during our family and portrait sessions, and adds the post-production artistic enhancements to the photos.

“All About Cicely,” according to Dan:

cicely_buttonsCicely is fond of saying, “You don’t need to be hungry to eat dessert.”  Cicely is a passionate person and will dive headlong into all her projects-and she usually has many projects.  She is a chronic learner and will spend countless hours searching, finding, and learning new techniques .  Although this has greatly increased her ability to make pretty cakes, yummy dinners,  family scrapbooks, and amazingly fun and efficient photo shoots, it has led to her most common gift request:  “a clean house” or “somebody to clean the house.” She is the best photography assistant, co-photographer, wife, and mother that I could have ever asked for.  Our clients and I agree – she is a real joy and blessing to work with.

Cicely is lead photographer for our newborn sessions and assists with the posing and some of the technical aspects of our portrait sessions, as well as all customer service and adminstration.  

Thank you for taking a little bit of time to get to know us. We look forward to getting to know you and your family as well!


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