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Whew. Last week was the longest week as our entire family ended up with the stomach flu. It was NOT fun… but it is over and we have returned to eating solids again. Yay! So, this blog post is a little late, but I actually like the idea of sharing it on Monday’s anyhow!

So, what am I loving this week?

Well, a little over a week ago Dan arrived home from work with a little surprise for me! The newest CD from a favorite band of mine, First Aid Kit. I love the harmonies this sister duo creates… it is SO lovely. I was able to listen to it while cleaning up before/after the illness stuck our home, and it almost made it ok. Almost. What was not great… was that we were sick when they were playing in Seattle, which I suppose is OK considering I had nobody to go with (Dan, while sweetly thinking of me and buying me the CD, drew the line at actually attending their show with me…)  If you have a chance, take a listen and let me know what you think:

First Aid Kit Ruins

Next up, our January box from Universal Yums!

If you don’t know about Universal Yums, it is a company that sends a box of treats/snacks once a month from a different country. We received our first box in December, when they actually had treats from all around the world, along with trivia and fun facts about the countries and corresponding snacks. The kids had SO much fun with it that we upgraded from the smaller size to the bigger box.  This month, the featured country is Greece… and the kids love sampling the goodies and we all decide if it gets a thumbs up or down, and we are even learning things about Greece we never knew before, so it feels slightly educational too!  From the hints given, I think that February is going to be a box all about France… which I am REALLY excited about! There is still time to order and give it a try! They come in two sizes, and so far the large box has lasted us… although we like to spread it out and only sample an item or two a night to make it last a long time!

Universal Yums Box Greece


Finally, there is one more thing I am loving. No pictures (you’re welcome) and I will spare you the details… but after the week we had, I finally was totally over our cheap, old, plastic broken toilet seat. The same one we have had for the entire 13 years we have lived here… and surely it could not have cost more than $5. I splurged on a solid wood seat for $25…. and who knew it would make such a difference! HA! But really, it got me thinking. Yes, a toilet seat led me to deep thoughts. What? How often do we just ignore little things that could be so easily fixed? Such a small change brought me a few days of delight… and it got me really thinking about the other little things I could be “swapping” out in life to bring greater joy.  Maybe waking up 10 minutes earlier so I can have a moment of quiet before I wake the kids? Or putting mascara on each day so I feel a little bit better about myself when leaving the house? Little changes can be so hard sometimes.

At last, I have already been receiving suggestions from friends about things to consider for upcoming “What I am Loving this Week” blog posts! Yes!! Tell me! What are you loving this week!?


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So. This poor blog, ammirite?

It was my “resolution” to blog more, not even necessarily about photo sessions and photography related stuff, but just… stuff. And, before January ends I think I should actually produce something! Anything!

So, here is my idea: A couple months ago for my birthday, I had a fantastic girls weekend away. I gave all my attending friends gifts – but not just any gifts, it was a selection of “my favorite things”. And it was so fun to share my favorite finds with them…they loved it, and so I thought I might share my “favorite things” with you here too!

So, what am I totally into this week?

First. The Crown on Netflix. I know this isn’t a secret treasure… in fact, I think I am a couple months late to this one. I watched Season 1 last year when it came out but hadn’t had time to devote to a TOTAL Netflix binge, as I knew this would be worthy of, until now.  So good. So, so good. The only bad thing… waiting an entire year before season 3 comes out! But, rumors are already circulating about what and who will appear in the next season (one word: Diana).

The Crown Netlix

So, if you haven’t checked it out…what are you waiting for? And if you haven’t yet watched Season 1. I am so jealous, that means you have TWO seasons of binging to do! And with a rainy weekend coming up, I can’t think of a better way to spend a couple days!

Next up, Jammy Bits by King Arthur Flour.

If you like baking… or eating… you need to check out the King Arthur Flour website. I am not kidding when I say I can (and do) browse the catalog regularly, dreaming of the things I can make using the amazing ingredients (and mixes!) they sell. Recently I bought some of these jammy bits that have long tempted me. I bought the Apple Cinnamon, but they also have raspberry, strawberry, blueberry, peach and apricot. Because I was feeling lazy, I just bought a generic blueberry muffin mix from the grocery store, the type that has a can of blueberries, and instead of adding the can of blueberries I added around a half a cup of these delicious nuggets. OH MY. I LOVED them. Even my picky 4 year old loved them… and that’s saying a lot.

King Arthur Flour Apple Cinnamon Jammy Bits

In fact. I bought another muffin mix yesterday and as soon as I finish this blog, I think I will go make more! The jammy bits get soft and chewy. I am thinking they would be really good with some sort of streusel topping too. Hmmm….OK, I am making myself hungry now. Off to go bake some more….






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Every year I say to myself, I have got to start announcing the Christmas Mini Sessions sooner! And every year, I still end up scrambling to get them posted!

So, here we are! It is one of my most favorite time of years! Time for Christmas Mini sessions! This year are adding something new to the mix, just to spice things up a bit! And I am so excited! I hope you will be too!

Of course, we are still going to have our traditional Christmas Tree Farm photos in North Bend, at the fabulous Keith and Scott Tree Farm!  They are really too kind to us, and so sweetly allow us to return year over year to their beautiful farm! And we love this spot so much not only because of the gorgeous trees and  their old red Fire truck, but because they have a fantastic covered fire pit that we have had to use over and over during these “rain or shine” mini sessions!

Tree Farm Example

This year, we have something new to try! A second session type… a much warmer, drier option, but still just as festive and fun! Earlier this spring, we rented a stunning, bright studio in Everett. It’s a bit of a drive to get to but SO, SO worth it! You don’t have to worry about the kids getting cold, or your hair getting rained on. It is warm and dry! My plan is to bring our silver tree and decorate a “glitz and glam” set up. Picture gold, silver and lots of bright white/cream accents! This would be stunning to showcase the kids fancy Christmas outfits! BUT there is more! The studio also has a sweet little bed, that is just PERFECT for some “Christmas Jammies” photos! The kids love to jump on the bed, and maybe even have a pillow fight?!? Heck, mom and dad can wear their jammies too! We don’t mind the wardrobe changes, and there is a large bathroom perfect to change from dressy clothes to jammies!  Here are some favorite non-Christmas photos from earlier this year, so you can see what a lovely studio it is, if you are willing to make the drive (hey… while you are out, pop on over to one of the many Snohomish farms to visit a pumpkin patch! You can squeeze in all sorts of festive fun in one day!!

Studio Example

Mini sessions are 20 minutes long (perfect for squirrelly kids!), 10 digital images, an online gallery and a full print release. And of course, all of our mini sessions also include a keepsake Christmas Tree Ornament! We have several families who have accrued quite a collection of these! We ask for a $50 non-refundable deposit to book, with the $75 balance due on mini session day!


We hope you can come out and join us for one of these sessions! We love seeing return clients AND new faces!  Book your date below!

PLEASE NOTE* My booking system doesn’t appear to be doing well with cell phones (lame, I know), so if you cannot get through – let me know!



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As you know by now (I hope), every month my friend Kellie and I are “wandering” our way through small towns in Washington. Well, this month is slightly different…

Collage 4

Typically, the two of us hop in the car, sometimes with kids… but ideally without, and spend an afternoon in a small town taking photos (and shopping and eating and drinking!) But this month when my sister-in-law invited me to bring the kids out to her father-in-laws home on San Juan Island, I immediately thought – Friday Harbor would be a PERFECT spot to “wander”. I called Kellie to see if she might have the weekend available to join me…coincidentally, she was already planning on being there the same weekend! But that lucky girl was doing it up with her hubby and NO kids! Jealous? Me too.

We talked about trying to meet up while we were on the island, and in fact, they even spotted me as I drove off the ferry! I pulled over and we chatted, hoping to find some time to meet up… but, alas, it just never worked out.

Collage 1

So, we changed things up a little bit. We both shot around Friday Harbor, separately but… kinda together. I mean, we were geographically VERY close to one another the entire weekend. So, it counts.

I am super intrigued to see what she got. Since we usually are doing this together, I have an idea of what she was shooting in general, but this time I have NO idea at all! I tried to get some photos in while we took the kids into town for a trip to the local used book store and some exploring in town. Did I mention there were SIX kids between my sister in law and I? Yeah, so as you can imagine… that wasn’t easy.  Although, we did stop at a local glass craftsman shop while he was making the most amazing “beehive”, complete with tiny, intricate bee’s. My sister-in-law happens to have beehives on her farm and bought it as a perfect anniversary gift for her husband!  Can you see them?

Collage 2

The next day I snuck into town by myself for just about a half hour or so…much easier! And, the next day I found a few cute things to photograph while we waited for our return ferry ride.

Collage 5

This was my second visit to San Juan Island, and it is easy to see why for many it has become a favorite destination. Despite the “tourist” crowds, there is so much to see and do not only in Friday Harbor, but all over the entire island (but that is another blog…)

Collage 3

We were in town right after the 4th of July celebrations, quite important to this little town, and so all of the sweet Victorian establishments and buildings were decked out in the finest red, white and blue bunting.

Collage 6

I will admit, Orcas Island is my favorite for sentimental reasons (it’s where Dan and I honeymooned 15 years ago!)… but San Juan Island is a true gem in the Pacific Northwest… most certainly worth paying a visit, even if only for the day.

Collage 7

Have you been? Which island is your favorite? I’m trying to find a way to include Eastsound on Orcas Island in this series…

Of course, if you are like me… you are super curious to see how Kellie photographed Friday Harbor – look no further! Click here to see her blog and photos!


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We just recently wrapped up and delivered this beautiful wedding gallery to Nick and Cari, so it seems like a perfect time to share it as this weeks “Wedding Wednesday”!

Leavenworth, WA wedding

Nick and Cari are so laid back and casual, and their wedding was a perfect match to their personalities = FUN!  They decided to have their wedding in Leavenworth, with the gorgeous Cascade mountains as a backdrop. The weather was beyond ideal… not too hot, not too cool, no rain (well, maybe a couple sprinkles here and there…) and a few little clouds dotting the sky. Couldn’t have asked for anything better for their outdoor ceremony.  The details and the reception site were stunning, with colorful flowers, black and white detail and the cutest little succulents planted in mason jars (one of which I happily brought home for myself!). I especially loved that instead of a traditional guestbook for people to sign, they had custom made cedar benches. This is definitely one of those times I wish there was a way to transfer smell through the internet. The entire lobby outside the reception area smelled incredible!

Leavenworth, WA wedding Leavenworth, WA wedding

Leavenworth, WA wedding Leavenworth, WA wedding Leavenworth, WA wedding Leavenworth, WA wedding

Both Nick and Cari were surrounded by loved ones and had a wedding party who was as much fun as they are! They purposely spent less time on formal portraits, and more time being with the friends and family who came to celebrate them – and it was just right!

Leavenworth, WA wedding Leavenworth, WA wedding Leavenworth, WA wedding Leavenworth, WA wedding

The ceremony was heartfelt and thoughtful, with laughs throughout. The reception immediately followed the ceremony, both held at the Icicle Village Resort.  The food was catered by the resort, and was quite tasty! There were lots of funny, and sweet, toasts given… then dancing. Oh, the dancing. The DJ was great and the dance floor was hopping. You can be sure, if there is dancing at your wedding… I will be in the middle of it all, dancing and shooting all at the same time!  Dan can handle photographing the wallflowers;)

Leavenworth, WA wedding Leavenworth, WA wedding Leavenworth, WA wedding

Leavenworth, WA wedding Leavenworth, WA wedding

But the end of the wedding, when most of the guests were leaving, was when the real fun began. The uncut cake turned into a giant end-of-night food fight. How many weddings have you been to with a food fight?! This was our first!

Leavenworth, WA wedding Leavenworth, WA wedding Leavenworth, WA wedding

It was such a fantastic night, and we were so thrilled to kick off our 2017 wedding season with this amazing couple! I hope they keep us updated on all that their incredible life together holds.  Congrats Nick and Cari!

Leavenworth, WA wedding



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